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You are a lone survivor of a devastating plane crash and find yourself trapped in a large and mysterious forest inhabited by Mutant cancer. Use your wits to survive and thrive or the first human Simulator with scary is a great simulation, you walk into a realistic world where trees and plants can be used to your advantage. There is a maze of underground cave networks and lakes to explore. Build a camp or fire, chop trees. Search for food to stop hunger.
Rufus Torrent Build everything from a small hiding place to a large Fort on the sea. Keep the perimeter of safe landing traps and other defenses. Use daylight to build and explore and be prepared and on hold at night.
The Sims 3 Create tools and weapons and take the offensive, before the enemies head. Can you win a fight against scary Tribe Mutant cannibalistic (function () {(‘ Browse-app-page-Desktop ‘);}); Realistic and terrifying survival this game is very advanced, with stunning graphics, outstanding performance and incredible sound effects. Mutant cancer is well developed with a high level of depth. Unlike some games where the enemy is only attacking, they seem to plan and perform their movements with greater difficulty. The Forest torrent

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