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Premium ELITE office chairs

The premium line of ELITE office chairs brings more than high comfort for healthy and comfortable sitting in an elegant design. Each model has a wide range of adjustable options and a custom construction made of very durable materials.


Elite T1

Elite T2

Elite T2+

Healthy and comfortable. Elite chairs for every stature.


ELITE office chair models have a number of customization functions, from which you can choose according to your own preferences. The chairs have 3D or 4D adjustable armrests, an air lumbar support, a two-part headrest, or an abrasion-resistant fabric with a detailed test. A special model for stronger figures appeals to anyone who prefers comfort in the form of above-standard space, a multi-layer neckline or a high load capacity up to 200 kg. Characteristic feature is an elegant and timeless design. For healthy and comfortable sitting at home or at work.