Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mosh products be purchased directly from you?

At the moment, we don’t sell to end customers. We only provide wholesale B2B.

What is the warranty period for Mosh products?

Mosh products are covered by the statutory 2-year warranty period

Is it possible to order components for products separately?

If interested or within warranty claim solution, we supply certain components for Mosh products.

What are the main advantages of ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chair supports correct posture and provide comfort and health benefits even when sitting for a longer period of time. Individual parts of the ergonomic chair, such as seat, armrests, lumbar support, headrest and backrest, are customizable to fit individual needs of each user. Thus, the chair provides relief and, moreover, acts as a preventive measure against health problems caused by incorrect seating.

What surface are casters of the ergonomic chair suitable for?

The casters are made of surface friendly yet long lasting and durable materials, thus ideal for all kinds of surfaces.

What is the difference between the rocking, synchronous and asynchronous chair mechanisms?

The rocking mechanism allows the adjustment of the spring to weight with the possibility of arresting at any angle. What is special about the synchronous mechanism is that the tilt angle of the backrest and seat changes at the same time, copying your sitting position. However, tilting the backrest is faster than tilting the seat, allowing comfortable dynamic seating. Asynchronous mechanism allows adjustment of the backrest and the seat independently. All three mechanisms of our Mosh chairs possess the function of spring and fixation adjustment at any angle.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D adjustable armrests?

3D adjustable armrests allow you to adjust the height, depth, or angle of the upper part of armrests. In addition, the 4D armrests possess a distance adjustment from the seat to the space on the sides.

What is special about cold (HR) foam the seat cushions and backrests of our Mosh chairs are made of?

High resiliance foam is produced by a special „cold“ method. This foam gets its name from its properties that allow it to quickly regain its shape. It is generally supportive, comfortable and durable, and thanks to its open, more random cell structure, this foam can dissipate moisture more quickly.

Is it possible to try Mosh chairs?

At the moment, you can try Mosh chairs in Bratislava in the showroom Nivy (Elite T2 and Airflow 702) and in Prague at the showroom Holešovice (Elite T2 and Airflow 801).